Northwind Whippets – Our Dogs

Whippets Living at Northwind

  • Dazzle” Am/Can Ch Northwind’s All That Dazz
  • Keebler” Ch Northwind Elves In Trees, FCH
  • Vixen” CH Northwind Crazy Like a Fox, FCH
  • Cadence” GCH Northwind Sound Off One Two
  • “Wonder” CH Northwind’s Some Kind Of Wonderful
  • Monroe” GCH Northwind’s Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  • Fiona” Northwind’s Ogre Princess
  • Button” Ch Northwind’s Curl To The Button
  • “Jenny” Northwind’s Just Like Peas and Carrots
  • “Melody” Northwind’s Unchained Melody
  • “Audrey” Northwind’s Breakfast at Tiffanys

Northwind Whippets of the Past

  • Dither” GCh Northwind’s Dither and Fritz, FCH
  • Glimmer” SBIS Am/Can Ch Northwind’s Glimmer of Norma
  • Cresta” Am/Can Ch Northwind’s Cresta Run De Sud
  • Echo” Am/Can Ch Northwind’s Echo of Poetry, FCG, CD,CAV, CGC, RA
  • Poetry” Select Am/Can Ch Northwind’s Poetry In Motion, FCH, CD, CGC, RA, CAV, ROM
  • Norma” Am/Can Ch Northwind’s Stormin’ Norma, LCM, CD, CAV, CGC
  • Flirt” Can Ch Northwind’s Flirtin’ With Disaster, LCM5, CD, Can Fch, AV,      MEMBER ASFA’S HALL OF FAME
  • Calvin” Am/Can Ch Northwind’s Comic Strip Kid, LCM II, CGC, CAV
  • Dash“Can Ch Northwind’s Dash to Bryton, Am/Can Fch, Am/Can CD
  • Tiffany” Am/Can Ch Northwind’s Lucky Star, Fch, Can FCHX
  • Turbo” Ch Aymes N Raybar’s Northwind, Fch, Can FCHX
  • Jessie” Can Ch Affinity’s Magic Deer


4 Responses to Northwind Whippets – Our Dogs

  1. Lori and Dick Lingle says:

    Lost me whippet Friday night to old age. He was from Shirley Fremo (michelle). Would you have any info where I could get another boy. i am not interested in showing it just giving it lots of love. thank you.

  2. Jean Bartlett says:

    I have always wanted to adopt a female who is done with having puppies and needs a very good forever home. I am well versed in whippets, from a non-breeder point of view, and wondered if you could help.

    I have purchased a zillion martingale collars, leads, and coats from you in the past, in case my name is somewhat familiar but you can’t place it.

    • Northwind says:

      Hi Jean
      It’s difficult to find an adult – whippets are not rare, but not common, either. The best way is to do what you’re doing – contact individual breeders. If you go to the American Whippet Club webpage, there is a listing of breeders by region. These are all AWC members and reputable folks to contacts. Best of luck in your search!


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