Ch Northwind Crazy Like A Fox, FCH


pedigree (courtesy of the whippet archives)

Vixen gets her name because she was such a scamp as a puppy. Just six weeks old, I found her sitting on the top of a grooming table next to the puppy pen. She climbed the x-pen and was calmly contemplating the huge leap down to escape when I scooped her up. Smart girl.

Vixen BOB and BOW

This was a perfect day – Vixen was BOW at the Duluth Supported entry and then went out to the coursing field in the afternoon and was BOB. Truly a do-it-all kind of girl.

All the studio photos are taken by Laurie Erickson

Vixen photo shoot

She’s showing her sense of humor during the photo shoot. She’s sweet, lovable and cuddly.

Vixen at Marshfield