Slip Leads

 Slip Leads

Slip leads are used in ASFA and AKC lure coursing events to release your hound at the “Tally Ho!”. They are also used to load your dog into the box for straight racing and a quick start in agility not to mention CAT and Fastcat trials. The slips are constructed of extremely durable nylon webbing and use large metal D rings at the sides of the neck to release the dog quickly. All stitching is either triple stitched, or a very tight zig-zag to ensure a sturdy product. They come in two widths and four sizes so you can find just the right match for your breed.

This two inch wide slip lead is the traditional style and most widely used. This slip lead uses large D rings on the sides of the neck piece and the one inch wide lead is five feet long. Intricate trims are sRhodesian Ridgeback modeling the traditional slip leadtitched onto the neck piece and silver or gold hardware is used to complement the trim. Three sizes make it easy to find just the right fit for your hound. I recommend the 11″ size for most whippets and basenjis, 13″ for most Salukis, Afghans, Ibizan, Greyhounds and Pharaohs and the 16″ size for most Ridgebacks, Wolfhounds and Borzoi. If you have a larger breed with a thicker neck than a sighthound, please email me for custom sizing. I am happy to add a few inches for a bigger breed.

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"Cresta", a whippet puppy is modeling the small breed slip leadItalian Greyhounds and Miscellaneous Small Breeds only! Finally, introducing a slip lead developed specifically for the smaller breeds. This slip lead uses 1 1/4″ D rings with a one inch wide nylon webbing. Beautiful trim is stitched to the neckpiece – the lead is plain webbing. This is a whippet puppy modeling the IG sized slip lead. Say hi to “Cresta”.

Click here for small breed slip leads.