Northwind Whippets

My husband and I have bred, shown, worked obedience and coursed Northwind Whippets since 1980. This site will offer you unique dog collars, general information on whippets and specific information on Northwind Whippets. I hope to add information on several Minnesota clubs as time permits.

Northwind Designs

As we became more and more involved with the breed, I began to make the sighthound martingale style collars and martingale leads for Whippets, Greyhounds, Afghans, Salukis, Italian Greyhounds and more recently for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I am an AKC and ASFA lure coursing judge and we are avid participants. So I began making slip leads.

The hobby and the business have grown over the years, but I still handle each collar personally. There are many collars to choose from on this site, plus I often custom make an item when requested. We provide wholesale pricing to rescue groups, pet stores and to breed and coursing clubs as trophies for specialties and lure meets.

As time went on, I found that breeds other than Sighthounds also enjoyed a fancier, trimmed collar and began to make quick release collars in all breed sizes. We have collars in this style to fit almost any breed.

I select the smoothest, most durable webbing I can find. I use first quality hardware and am constantly looking for wonderful new trims. I concentrate on producing a quality product – if you are not happy with your item, please do return it for refund or credit. I want you to be satisfied.

We occasionally have puppies for sale, but are always willing to help you connect to another breeder if we don’t have puppies available. If you’d like to see our current youngsters, click on puppies.

Whippet Poetry with puppies

We have had a number of just terrific dogs, both on the field and in the show ring. In October of 2002 we had an extremely challenging situation with a dog lost a very long distance away – click on Finding Poetry to read about her 23 day harrowing adventure in South Carolina with a happy ending. The photo below is Kay, Kathy and Poetry in front of the “lost dog” poster.

Kay and Kathy with Poetry in front of "lost whippet" poster

Kay and Kathy with Poetry in front of “lost dog” poster

Poetry with runaway puppies

I am a long time member of the American Whippet Club, a past board member and a volunteer for its rescue program. I am a board member of the Minnesota Coursing Association. I am a lifetime member of the Duluth Kennel Club, a member of the Greater Twin Cities Whippet Club and Twin Ports Dog Training Club. I’ve received AKC’s Breeder of Merit Award for my 30+ years of involvement in whippets.


Thanks for visiting our site, enjoy all the whippet information, and I hope you are pleased to recommend us to your friends.

Kay Nierengarten and Mark Shubert


32 Responses to Northwind

  1. Sheri Phillips says:

    Love the new website. Since we are now down to 1 greyhound, we are thinking of getting her a new Christmas collar & regular. The new Christmas collars are beautiful.

  2. MJ Honor says:

    This is wonderful website. We have two whippets and plan to purchase two of the
    martindale collars for each pup. Thanks to a friend she sent me your site.
    I will be back with an order soon. Just wanted to tell how happy I am knowing about
    your site.
    Thanks M.J. Honor

  3. Kaci Jolly says:

    Why does my Whippets ears stick up ???????

    • Northwind says:

      Usually it’s just what they inherited from their parents. On the other hand, many whippets in the “hunting mode” and excited will fly their ears.

  4. Whippeteer says:

    The site looks great Kay!


  5. annette m schmitz says:

    We have 2 rescue Whippets who are the love of our lives!! Love the breed, they are the most peaceful and sweet dogs. We got our first one after we lost our Greyhound and that’s been 8 years. Love the site and your products. Wish you had coats as they are very hard to find for Whippets!!

    • Northwind says:

      Hi Annette,

      I have a line of coats that I plan to introduce very shortly. I have lots of fun fleece coats in great patterns, sized for the whippet shape. I also have lovely coats made of more upscale fabric; suedes, pleather (washable leather) and Velboa frabric – a short pile fur and lined with Polartec fleece for warmth. Stay posted – I will add your e-mail to my sales notifications list…..

  6. Thank you so much for your outstanding products and more than wonderful service! My whippets look great and really enjoy wearing them. Your web site is great and your whippets breath taking! Michael and Sandy

  7. Kathleen Brockway says:

    Kay: Just wanted to thank you for all the martingale collars, leads, and slipleads I have purchased from you over the years. The problem is they never wear out! – so I don’t get to buy many replacements. I had a spare Whippet-sized martingale collar that I put on the Irish Terrier I unexpectedly got as a rehomed dog. He loves it! He likes the way his tags jingle when he struts around, and it is much more comfortable for him than the buckle collar he came with. At 11-1/2 years old he is still an active dog, who astonishes the Wolfhound and Whippets by repeatedly scaling the tree in the dog pen. He gets about 5-6 feet up and then lightly drops to the ground. Thanks again for such great products.

  8. Julie Cooper says:

    Hi Kay I just found your website and have just read your story on Poetry…my partner came into the room wondering why I had tears streaming down my face. It prompted me to write to you. I live in Australia and we have a whippet who is 10 years old and I lost him one stormy night after dinner (I left the gate open) but I got a call that same night at midnight by someone who found him drenched crying outside his front door. His dog barked to let him know a dog was out there. He had run for 4 km across 2 busy roads in the pouring rain and in the dark, how he didn’t get run over I don’t know! I do know how distraught I was that night before getting him back after a few hours but can’t imagine what you must have gone through. So pleased to see Poetry’s legacy lives on with her pups, thanks for sharing a great story and gorgeous photos.
    Great website too.

  9. Barsha Coohon says:

    I just read your story about Poetry and also cried. It must have been a long and stressful 22 days. I have one of Marilyn Rew’s whippets (Dude) and can’t imagine life without this sweet and gentle dog

  10. Northwind says:

    I’m so glad you like them!

  11. Marj says:

    Thanks for your reply. I’m looking for a leather collar. Your dogs are beautiful. Where did you get them? Love their faces.

  12. Tracy Saffos says:

    I have been ordering for Kay for about 20 years. I love her products and I have always been pleased with the style and quality of what I have received. She really cares about her client’s happiness (both 2 and 4 legged) and I just love her company! I would recommend her to everyone!

  13. Richard Stone says:

    Love your site and collars. They are the only collars I buy. Just great Kay. Thanks for being so nice over the phone and shipping so fast.

  14. Kendra says:

    Absolutely LOVE these collars. We have had Bennie for 8 years. He only wears Northwind collars. He’s on his third now…..only because “I” want something different!! They wear like iron. His “old” collar is just as strong ad the new one I just bought. He looks very handsome in his collar:)

  15. sondra morrow says:

    Just received my Martingale collar and lead.. Beautiful design, looks like a very good quality purchase at a reasonable price for sure. Look forward to more purchases in the future for my little Whippet.

  16. Helen says:

    Hi Kay, love the slip leads you made for me. They look fantastic and arrived very quickly. First time I have used a quick release and love it, surprisingly strong and makes getting to the start/holding a large strong dog much easier.

  17. Deborah says:

    I received my Martingale Leads in the mail within a week and I LOVE them. They are exactly what I wanted and needed to get my pack all on the same page. They are made beautifully and with great quality as well as the colors and designs befitting the sighthound. I cannot thank you enough and they stay with me in the car and at home so I have a safe way to walk them into the vets office or to potty and never have to worry. Thank you so much Kay. I will be looking at the collars for the IGs next.

  18. I use these on my huskies and love them

  19. George McNab says:

    I had a collar break on my Grey, a metal fitting let go. I contacted Kay and had a very pleasant conversation. Key immediately offered to replace the collar and proceeded to do so. Terrific product support and commitment to her business. Thank you very much!

  20. Melissa Hay says:

    Thank you for the wonderful seasonal panties! I wanted to thank Kay for her wonderful customer service when she helped me get a pair of panties for my whippet. This is the first female whippet I’ve had who came to me without being spayed (and she’ll get her procedure done in 3-4 months now that we made it through the first heat cycle). Not only were these seasonal panties soft, but the fabric and velcro were of high quality and also washed well. There was a bit of a padded element in the notable area but I used sanitary napkins. Surprisingly, there were many fabric designs to choose from and my girl actually looked cute trotting around in her pants. I’m so glad while searching the web that I found Northwinds and now that I know about the care and quality that go into the products, I’ll be back for a martingale collar.

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