Ch Aymes N Raybar’s Northwind, Am Fch, Can FchX

1985 – 2001

Turbo was our first dog to finish in the show ring. One of his more spectacular wins was an owner handled BOB over top specials for a five point major at the first supported entry at the MN River Valley Kennel Club in September 1986.

He was an avid lure courser, finishing his field championship and his Canadian field championship excellent easily. However, after 440 points, he never got his final elusive first place for an LCM.

Turbo loved puppies. One of my fondest memories was how he really enjoyed each litter in the household. He would play with them as much as the dam, allowing them to climb all over him.

Turbo going BOB at the first MN supported entry

This photo is the BOB at the first MN supported entry. It was the first time I had ever taken a major or shown in the group for Best of Breed.

With Ch Raybar’s A Star is Born, Fch, he was sire of:

Am/Can Ch Northwind’s Lucky Star, FCH, Can FCHX “Tiffany”
Northwind’s Riverboat Gambler, Am/Can FCH, CD “Cruiser”
Northwind’s Hit The Jackpot, FCH “Jack”
Northwind’s Winning Wager, FCH “Wager”
Northwind’s Element of Risk “Tilly”
Northwind’s Flip of the Coin “Flip”