Martingale Collar or Sighthound Collar

Four martingale collarsStyles of Martingale Collars

This loop on loop system is traditional to sighthound collars and prevents the dog from escaping by tightening up if the dog tries to back out. A martingale collar is also often called a “safety” collar. Hardware is attached by either a triple stitch or an extremely tight buttonhole stitch for maximum strength.

The martingale collars come in four styles and three widths so you can find your perfect match. While most commonly worn by sighthounds, many other breeds with a long, clean neck look great in them such as Great Danes, Vizlas, and other working and sporting breeds.

wide martingale collar and leadWide Martingale Collars – $19.00

These unique, designer martingale collars are fully two inches wide on the neckpiece and are constructed of smooth nylon webbing. The two to one inch reducers on the sides of the collar and metal – finished with gold or silver to complements the trim. The medium martingale collar adjusts from 10 inches to 13 inches – perfect for whippets. The large martingale collar adjusts from 13 inches to 16 inches and works well for most Greyhounds, Afghan Hounds, Salukis, Pharoah hounds, Borzoi and Ibizan hounds. They also look great on any other breed with a long, smooth neck such as Boxers, Irish Setters, or Vizlas. Plain leads with matching brass or silver hardware are available.

Borzoi modeling a martingale collar


CLICK HERE to see the array of trims available in this wide martingale collar.


1″ Wide Martingale Collars – $14.50

One inch wide martingale collar and leadThese fancy, beautiful martingale collars are one inch wide and constructed of smooth nylon webbing. The “D” rings are super strong and made of either brass or silver to complement the trim. The medium martingale collar adjusts from 10 inches to 16 inches, fitting the majority of sighthound breeds. It works well for most whippets, greyhounds, afghan hounds, salukis, pharoah hounds and Ibizan hounds. The large size is available for a bigger dog. Leads are available with matching hardware and either plain webbing, or trimmed the entire length of the lead to create a coordinated look.

"Flirt" modeling a one inch martingale collar

CLICK HERE to choose from the wide number of trims available in the one inch martingale collar.



Small Martingale Collars – $11.00

Narrow martingale collar

This smaller style of martingale collar is 5/8 of an inch wide and is constructed of smooth nylon webbing. Brass or silver “D” rings are used to complement the trim. The medium martingale collar adjusts from 10 inches to 13 inches, perfect for the whippet owner that prefers a smaller, lighter collar. The small martingale collar is sized for Italian Greyhounds, Whippet puppies and toy breed dogs. It fits a neck size from 7 to 10 inches.

whippet puppy modeling a small martingale collar



CLICK HERE to see all the choices available in the smaller martingale collar.



large breed martingale collar with heavier hardwareLarge Breed Martingale Collars – $22.00

This wide martingale collar is fully two inches wide on the neckpiece and are constructed of smooth nylon webbing. 2″ brass or silver slides are used to attach the neckpiece to the center loop. This large collar adjusts from 15 inches to 21 inches – perfect for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The XL is adjusts from 20 to 25″. It’s also appropriate for any other breed with a long, smooth neck such as Irish Wolfhounds, Dalmations, Dobermans or Great Danes. Plain leads with matching brass or silver hardware are available.

CLICK HERE to see the trim styles available in this large breed collar.

26 Responses to Martingale Collar or Sighthound Collar

  1. Sally Cook says:

    Beautiful! What size do you recommend for Rhodesian Ridgebacks??

  2. Douglas Slone says:

    do you have a glow in the dark Whippet Collar?

    • Northwind says:

      I do not have glow in the dark, but I do have reflective collars. Reflective tape, much like you will see on a jogger’s jacket, is stitched onto the collar

  3. Phillis Peppard says:

    I love these beautiful martingales ! The original one that I purchased for my Toy Poodle four years ago is still lovely. We are now a two Toy family and I just otdered matching martingales for them. Thanks Kay !

  4. Phillis Peppard says:

    Back for more !!! Everyone always comments on how beautiful your martingales are. Thank you for the the 4 beautiful new ones. They arrived today and I can’t wait to put them on the Poodles.

  5. I have two retired racing Greyhounds who are now not only AKC Advanced Canine Good Citizens but are also Therapy Dogs International Trained Volunteers and work with teens who are in therapy for alcohol and drug abuse. One dog is jet black and the other is a blonde brindle, I get tons of compliments on them, but I must tell you one of the compliments is always about the “Elegant Collars” that they wear.

    I must thank you for the beautiful work that you do with the gorgeous collars and matching leads you make, I wash them often and they always look wonderful and like new, and last for years. I pass on your web info to everyone I know. Thank You

    • Northwind says:


      Thank you for your lovely comments! Keep up the good work as therapy dogs. It’s an important gift to those you serve.

  6. Bob Hynes says:

    I received my Wide Martingale Collar today and was very impressed with both the speed of shipping and the quality of the collar…two thumbs up! My little whippet girl is sure to be very pleased.

    I had not realized until after my purchase… that the lead/collar that came with our puppy from the breeder is a Northwind also!

  7. Carole Champagne says:

    I still use collars I’ve purchased from you seven years ago and they are still in perfect shape. Very sturdy and affordable. I highly recommend you at the first opportunity.

  8. Gary Harper says:

    love your products and have been getting them for years. Please consider offering personalized collars with name and phone number! Gary

    • Northwind says:

      Hi Gary

      thanks for asking. I just don’t have the right machine to offer personalized embroidery. —Kay

  9. Paul Hayes says:

    I just wanted to let you know,  I just received the new collars. They are beautiful and just what I thought they would look like.  Also, I wanted to let you know that my first Borzoi which is now 13 is still using her original Northwind collar, which is almost 13 also. So, based on that, I don’t really have any improvement comments.  The collars say everything about the quality and durability of Northwind collars. Keep up the great work.

  10. Mary-Jo Montalban says:

    Thanks Kay, for scaling down 2 collars for us. Our squirrel crazy whippets can’t slip out of these collars
    ! The quality is top notch. I love that you matched the hardware with our colour choices (gold for the orange tropical, and silver for the red Celtic knot on black.)They arrived quickly and both are perfect. I would recommend Northwind to anyone!

  11. Debra Diehl says:

    I recently received a Wide Martingale Gold & Black Celtic Collar & Lead which I had ordered after Christmas for our Daughter & SIL’s Whippet. The well-packaged order arrived in a matter of few days. Kudos to Kay on such quick service! The items appear to be well made having matching hardware that complements the gold on the collar. A nice touch. The Northwind price was quite reasonable for the items when I did comparison shopping online. I look forward to seeing how well the collar fits their whippet. I recommend Northwind based upon my positive experience.

  12. Hi Kay !
    I wanted to let you know how much the rescued dogs we train at our new non-profit Advocates for Abused and Abandoned Pets (A3P) are loving their beautiful martingales.
    Their heads go up and they know that they are beautiful and special when their collars go on !
    Thank you for always being so wonderful and helpful ,
    Phillis A3P Trainer

  13. Mary L Scharold MD says:

    Hello Kay — Just wanted to say how much we have loved our Martingale collars & matching leashes for our two Rhodesian Ridgebacks (large), our mini-rat terrier (small), & our adorable rescue sort-of rat terrier (small). All are perfect for each, & soon we will be ordering a new “dress” for our tiny girl rattie. Thank you, Mary

  14. Eleanor McCoy says:

    i can’t find puppy martingales. I need to order 5 I like to send one home with each puppy
    Eleanor McCoy

  15. Mindy Phillips says:

    Hello Kay-
    Received my beautiful, unique and very well made martingale collar and lead today. I’m fetching my first Whippet puppy in May from Jane in Ohio (she turned me on to you), and I can’t hardly wait. She is mostly black, so your collar will be perfect on her.
    This is my first time purchase from Northwind Designs but it certainly won’t be my last!

    Mindy (in Indiana)

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