Can Ch Affinity’s Magic Deer 1980 – 1994

Jessie was an exquisite, small red brindle bitch who taught us the basics about whippets. Whippets sleep on the bed, whippets can be destructive. Whippets need a fenced in yard. Whippets steal your heart and cause you to get more whippets. As our introduction to the breed, Jessie knew what was important to teach us. We learned about all the “whippet stuff” needed when you got a whippet; slip leads, martingale leads and martingale collars, and of course, the softest beds of furniture you could find.

Jessie was so much the lady that she wouldn’t deign to look at the lure. Jessie never had any time for the silliness of chasing a plastic bag. She spent her lure coursing weekends finding the perfect patch of sunlight, she stirred only when she smelled someone’s irresistible lunch. She was willing to work for food, having perfected “SPEAK” and “Whisper”. Newcomers learned quickly that Jessie did not qualify as a “loose dog”. As her eyesight failed, she sometimes wandered in the direction of the field in her quest for that perfect spot of sunshine. When this happened, there was never a shortage of volunteers to guide her back in the opposite direction.

We tried showing, but after a point or two and a title up north she retired.

After all, what was all the fuss about a title?

We tried lure coursing, but she was far too ladylike and “get the bunny” meant nothing to her.

After all, what was all the fuss about a title?

We ventured into obedience, but after qualifying for one leg she didn’t like it. The buildings were noisy and overwhelming and the floor was too cold to lie on.

After all, what was all the fuss about a title?

Over the years showing meant a long car ride in her favorite van with her favorite humans and no requirement to perform. Lure coursing meant wonderful warm days in the sun on a blanket, visiting with friendly exhibitors, especially those with food. Obedience meant learning to sit, speak and whisper for treats.

She didn’t get many titles, but after all, what’s all the fuss about titles?