I “Only” Want A Pet

I’m in the midst of talking with people about placing puppies right now. When someone contacts me often the first thing they say is that they “only” want a pet. It seems to be said somewhat tentatively or defensively as if I wouldn’t place a dog with them if it’s only a pet.

They “only” want a pet? They “only” want to love, cherish and share their lives, homes and families with one of my precious puppies?

I can’t ask for more. To me a whippet is first and foremost a pet. They are our companions, we  live with them and we love them.  As a breeder I take great delight when one of my puppy owners ventures out into the show ring, or lure coursing field or obedience/agility/rally ring with their new friend and enjoys some success. But for many people they simply want that intelligent, cuddly and warm companion to share their lives and with whippets, most often their bed.

So for me, there is no “only”. I welcome “only” with open arms.

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