Dream Date

I did a craft show this weekend and after packing everything up and getting home, I just left everything sitting in the parked van. Walking in the door to 19 hungry and very messy puppies, unloading was not on the list. Leave it til the morning

Monday 6:15 a.m. One look at the puppies and it’s obvious that everything must go. The only way to work in their area is to let them all loose. Nineteen 7 and 8 week old puppies are careening around the living room. ┬áMark, his shock of handsome gray hair standing straight up from sleeping, is game for the task. We work our way through both pens, ignoring the cacophony of sound coming from the kitchen and living room. We pull out each and every piece of bedding and shake off the kitty litter, stray poop and spilled kibble. He gets the small garden shovel and shovels the litter boxes into a five gallon bucket, then goes trudging the out into the woods (20 degrees outside) to dump the used litter. That would be twice – once for each pen. Meanwhile, I take a paint scraper to carefully pry off hardened poop from the nice ash floor.

The pile of nasty towels and quilts steadily grows, waiting for the washer. This is easily going to be a seven load day.

There are several of the Dither/Norris puppies that think clean pine pellets used in the litter box are the best thing in the world to play in. It’s amazing the speed they can reach in a plastic bin 30″ long. Spinning, jumping and wrestling, they whirl the pellets out of the box and onto the fresh, clean, carefully arranged blankets in the pen.

puppies in pellets

We Love our clean pile of pine pellets!!!!

OK, puppies corralled, occupied by creating another mess with the pine pellets, we venture on to the next project, unloading the van. Bins, boxes, tables and displays are hauled into the house. It’s now 7:15 and time for him to grab a shower and leave for work.

A Monday morning dream date with your wife – no wonder he has gray hair.

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  1. Peggy DaValt says:

    That is a GREAT story. True love cleaning puppy boxes in 20 degree MN weather. I’m a friend of Sandy and Tom DePottey and she told me to read your blog. I love it. :=)

    Peggy DaValt
    Amethyst Gordon Setters

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