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Poetry - my favorite photo


The photo above is Am/Can Ch Northwind’s Poetry In Motion, FCH, CD, CAV, GCG, RN. She has the most influence on our pedigrees and is my all time heart dog.

I’m delighted you stopped by my site. If you would like any additional information or would like to speak to me personally, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Kay Nierengarten

5654 Chalstrom Drive

Saginaw, MN 55779

Phone: (218) 729-8003




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  1. stephen moss says:

    I bought 2 Martingale Leashes 4 years ago and they look and are working great! We jog/walk a couple of times a day. Even the plastic piece still slides well. Keep up the good work!

  2. Kathy Mayer says:

    Yeah, yeah – I’ve found you!!! Kay, I met you many years ago at a dog show in Minneapolis, where you were showing your beautiful whippets. A couple years later I ordered one of your exquisite Martingale collars for my Standard Poodle, Deja. She wore it proudly for all 14 years of her life. When she passed in March of 2010, I placed it on my poster bed where it hangs today. . . . ..After much grieving, we were
    able to give our hearts to another Standard, and Wesley is now 20 months old. He is a HUGE boy, but I think mostly grown now. I searched and searched for the post card you sent me years ago, and FINALLY found it yesterday! So. . . . . . .Please tell me how to order the beautiful blue color that is on the page titled “Large Breed Martingale Collars.” It has a decorative stripe down the middle, and it looks just like the exact collar I had for Deja that was in red. It would mean so much to me to have it again, only in blue for our current boy. I’d want the hardware to be brass. I measured his collar today, and from end to end it’s 17″, so I’m guessing the large one will work. Please let me know what I need to do – I’ll send you my address and Visa info after I hear from you. Thanks so, so much – loved your blog posting of the three month old babies in the freezing snow! Sincerely, Kathy Mayer

  3. Kathleen Brockway says:

    I have been using Northwind Design martingales for almost twenty years for my Whippets, Greyhounds, and Irish Wolfhounds. They are far superior to any other collar I have used in the past forty years. I am especially pleased with the quality and durability of the martingales I have used for my Irish Wolfhounds. I have never had a buckle or leash-ring break, even when restraining an excited 160 male. My current IW had never worn a collar before I got her at age two. She loves her martingale collar and gets upset when I take it off her to groom and brush her – she doesn’t feel “properly dressed” without it! Thanks Kay!

  4. Barbara says:

    I just ordered the collar a few days ago and have it already! 🙂 LOVE IT!!! Shared your website on FB. THANKS!

    • Northwind says:

      I’m glad you like it and thanks for sharing on Facebook. Word of mouth endorsement is the best kind.


  5. Barbara Halls says:

    Hi, found your sight when brousing for whippet accessories. I have a 2yo whippet and as of Saturday she will have a new brother, I would like 2 martingale collars and was wondering if you send to Australia Regards Barbara

    • Northwind says:

      Yes, I can send collars anywhere the US mail service will take them. Australia is not a problem.

      • Barbara Halls says:

        Thank you have just placed my order, why I asked is, about 18 months ago I tried to order something from the States and was told that they didn’t ship overseas. thanks again. 🙂

        • Northwind says:

          Hi Barbara,

          I imagine not all companies ship overseas. I use the US mail for shipping and anywhere they go, I can mail a package. Over the years, they haven’t lost any.



  6. Linda Sobel says:

    I have a 75 pound female ridgeback who is very strong. I us a prong but fear its to harsh for her beautiful neck. Which of your styles do u recommend and how do I measure?

    • Northwind says:

      I would use the Large Breed Martingale size – the hardwear is heavier than other collars. Measure around the neck at the base of the head. If you’re still not sure, make your choices and in the “notes” section of the order form, tell me the measurements and I will make sure you selected the correct size.

      thank you for your interest


  7. Charis says:

    We got our new fleece jacket yesterday and just love it. It is made well and the first one I have tried that really fits, cute fabric too! Now if you could just teach my boy not to chew on it!!! Thanks for your great products.

  8. Lynda says:

    Kay, I have purchased your martingale collars in the past for my greyhounds and love how they hold up. I’m interested in purchasing one for my border collie and wondered if I should measure his neck “with the hair” or “without the hair”. I’m thinking without. I have one of your collars on him now, but am unsure of the size.

    • Northwind says:

      Hi Lynda,

      They are adjustable, so there is a range within the sizes. Are you looking at the one inch or the two inch? Either should work in the large size. When you order, put a note in the “comments” section of the order form as to what your border weighs and I will make sure I double check the sizing.



      • Lynda says:

        Thanks, Kay! I’m looking at the one inch. I’ll definitely note his weight in the comments section. Thanks again for your help. You can look for my order soon!

  9. Jesica says:

    I got my lead today! I’m so excited for my next event with the dogs. It’s in a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll have some photos to share! The photos do the fabric no justice. It is just marvelous. Thanks again!

  10. Diane Kieffer` says:

    We have so many of your gorgeous collars. First for Jeeves who passed away last year and now our latest, with his gorgeous gold and black 2 inch collar. He is starting lure coursing and needs a slip lead. See where you advise that a 11 inch for some Whippets. His neck measures 12 inches. Should I order the 13 inch size then? Ready to place, size is just a question. Thanks, Diane. A long, long user.

  11. Penny Lage says:


    Just wanted to let you know we received our coat. Love it and fits great!! Thanks so much.


  12. DAVID WRIGHT says:

    Kay: Just got my 2 new collars and they’re great. My Greyhounds are now so stuck up they completely ignore me.

  13. Sheila Armes says:

    Good evening,
    If the coats I order don’t fit, can they’ve exchanged ?

    Thank you for your time. I’ve never ordered coats from you before, so I’m just wondering…love the leashes I’ve ordered in the past…..

    Sheila Armes

  14. Sandi Sheldon says:

    Dear Kay,

    Approximately 8 years ago I lost my beloved whippet (Kitty) of 16 years. You paid a large part in arranging for her to be a part of my life. I was heartbroken by her loss. I was put in contact with you again shortly after Kitty’s passing. Once again you had a whippet for me- Kitzy, who was Kitty’s grandaughter- it was fate. Kitzy is now 13 years old and continues to thrive. She like her grandmother is practically perfect in every way and brings not only joy to my life but those that meet her. And like her grandmother she is spoiled rotten. Thank you for coming into my life and enriching it with these magical dogs.

  15. Northwind says:

    A medium should be perfect. thanks!

  16. Linda Torstenson says:

    Binca’s (Bianca at Jubilee) Hot Pink Minky coat arrived today. Its beautiful and fits her perfectly. Now can’t wait for cold weather!!! Just wish I would have seen the coupon!!! Will be ordering again!
    Linda Torstenson

  17. Terri Mongols says:

    Just received my lovelt collars and leads. They are beautiful. You will see I placed another order for puppy size. I am not overly particular so feel free to sundtitute

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