Keebler x Ashton Newborns

CH Plumcreek I’m a New Yorker X

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DOB – 4-26-17           Pedigree (courtesy of the whippet archives)

Mark and I love the theater. We went to New York last year and saw a play every night we were there – no need for fancy restaurants, just give me Broadway! Mark was also delighted that the Shubert Theatre spells his name correctly – no “c” in Shubert.

Shubert theater - Matilda - Copy

Keebie w pups

Keebler with her nine little ones.

Since the sire’s name is ‘I’m a New Yorker’, the puppies are named for Broadway plays.

Here are the femme fatales:


“Matilda” is an extraordinary little girl with a vivid imagination and special talents. Matilda face
Matilda body


Kinky face “Kinky Boots” – The play centers on an old shoe factory becoming more modern by producing boots for cross dressers who can’t find their size. A message of fun and tolerance.
Kinky body

And here are your leading men:


“Hamilton” is the smash hit rap musical based on the life of Alexander Hamilton.  Hamilton face
Hamilton body


Tevye face “Tevye”  Fiddler on the Roof is a beloved play for generations that follows Tevye through tumultuous times.
Tevye body


“Spamalot”  is a silly Monty Python musical. A fun ride. Spamalot face
Spamalot body

Lion king2

Simba face “Simba” – is the cub from the Lion King.
Simba body


“Phantom” – One of the longest running plays on Broadway. Phantom face
Phantom body


Pippin face “Pippin”  is set in the era of Shakespeare.
Pippin body


“Aladdin” – Nothing but magic. Alladin face
Aladin body