Juno x Mark Newborns

CH Ampersand Free Flight x

GCH AOM Northwind Drops of Jupiter FCH

DOB – 4-12-17           Pedigree (courtesy of the whippet archives)

Puppies have temporary names for the time they live with us until they join their new families. The sire of this litter is “Free Flight” so all the puppies are named after birds or machines that fly.

Juno with newborns

Here are the flying females:


“Tweety Bird” Tweety is a very dark fawn brindle with a tiny semi cirle of white on her neck. Whippet puppy "Tweety Bird"
whippet puppy Tweety Bird


whippet puppy “Helicopter” – Copter is a very dark fawn brindle with a small collar.
whippet puppy


“Falcon” – Falcon is a very dark fawn brindle with a small white spot on her neck. whippet puppy
whippet puppy


whippet puppy “Phoenix” Phoenix is fawn. I know, how odd. But there she is!
whippet puppy

And the boys without boundaries:

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“Woodstock”  Woodstock is a very dark fawn brindle. Handsome boy. whippet puppy
whippet puppy


whippet puppy “Zeppelin” – Very dark fawn brindle. Just a narrow blaze, four white feet and white tip to the tail.
whippet puppy


“Rocket” – Rocket is a dark fawn brindle who is trying to be a parti color. whippet puppy
whippet puppy