Vixen x Norris

GCHS Northwind’s Round House Kick, ROM


CH Northwind Crazy Like A Fox

DOB 10-4-2020           Pedigree (courtesy of the whippet archives)


Vixen is a great mother – this is her second litter and she was calm throughout. So calm at the end of having five puppies, I thought she was finished.

Since this is a fall litter, all the temporary names have a fall theme. In AUTUMN, you view lovely fall COLORS and HARVEST crops such as PUMPKINS and cucumbers.  Cucumbers turn into PICKLES. And then, sometimes there is a BONUS puppy.

The fall femme fatales:

“Autumn” is my favorite season with the cool, crisp days. She has a slight white collar, ending in the middle of her neck. whipppet newborn
whippet newborn


“Pickle”  – I like most vegetables, but the only good cuke is a pickled cuke! She has criss-cross markings on the back of her neck. 

“Colors”  – I adore the vivid fall colors and living in Northern MN, we get a front row seat to the change of the season. She is very, very dark in her fawn brindle coloring. whippet newborn
whippet newborn


whippet newborn “Harvest”  My favorite harvest vegetable is a huge, ripe tomato, eaten just as it is with a little bit of salt. She has a beautiful wide blaze that joins over her head to a full white collar.
whippet newborn

The boys of autumn:

“Pumpkin” – No, he’s not orange. He is a beautiful split face boy with the blaze connecting to a splash of white on the back of the neck. whippet newborn
whippet newborn


whippet newborn “Bonus”  – Yes, it’s not a fall name. It’s because he was born many hours after I thought Vixen was done – so a bonus puppy! He has a full white collar on his show side.
whippet newborn