Why fold Towels?


The very thought seems scandalous. For one thing, there’s just nothing nicer this time of year than to open the dryer and take out warm towels. I love feeling the soft warmth as I fold. Secondly, I can just guess what everyone’s mother would say to the idea of not folding clean towels. That’s just unseemly and improper.


Right now, I’m doing load after load of dog towels and blankets. I use jillions of towels with the puppies. Every time I walk past their little area I glance in and if there is something nasty on a towel, I simply take it out and put in a new one. Their little pen has a base of Pile of dirty towelssoft quilts for insulation from the floor and padding. Then there’s a big blanket that’s pinned down by the edge of the box to make a nice flat base to the area. Over that are the towels. If I’m quick about seeing a nasty towel and remove it, then the bottom quilts/blanket don’t get soiled. That way, I can get a couple of days out of the arrangement without having to change and wash the whole shebang. Since there are two litters, all those quilts/blankets/towels are now times two.


That makes for a lot of dirty towels. I finally figured out it’s perfectly OK NOT TO FOLD THEM. ┬áIt’s OK to pile them into a laundry basket near the puppies to wait to be used.

Yet, I might need therapy over this one.

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  1. Cindy Scott says:

    Oh my. I think my mother would shoot me if I didn’t fold towels. Same with fitted sheets which I gave up long ago. Now my linen closet (its a walk in) smells like dog and I can’t figure out what is the culprit. You are smart not to fold with all the other work that is required with raising your brood.

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