Favorite Photographers

Favorite Photographers

I have two favorite photographers who have done stellar work over the years and I want to share some of the photos with you. Laurie Erickson concentrates on lovely studio portraits and has an uncanny ability to get the most out of a dog, even puppies. Kent Standerford’s specialty is action photos. He is Big Paw Prints.

LAURIE ERICKSON (www.lauriejerickson.com)

763-536-9076         ljephotos@gmail.com

Photographer Laurie Erickson

 Left to right, “Juno”, Northwind Drops of Jupiter de Sud, “Phoenix” Northwind Phoenix Rising de Sud and “Pebbles” Northwind’s Pebble Beach de Sud cooperate for Laurie.

Phoenix by photographer Laurie Erickson Kitzy by photographer Laurie Erickson

Laurie’s head shots are stunning – Phoenix.        Laurie captures the whimsey of Kitzy

Flirt captured by photographer Laurie Erickson

“Flirt” Am/Can Ch Northwind’s Flirtin’ With Disaster, LCM 5, CD, AV at twelve years.





“Poetry” Am/Can Northwind’s Poetry in Motion poses with three of her puppies she was carrying while she was lost.

Another exquiste head shot – this one of Juno.

This is one of my favorites and has become of banner to my website, showing on every page. “Cresta” Am/Can Northwind’s Cresta Run de Sud is pictured at 4 1/2 months.

 BIG PAW PRINTS   (www.bigpawprints.net)

Kent concentrates on action photos at lure coursing and sporting activities. He also has been willing to work with me to get movement photos on the dogs I show. This photo of Glimmer became her signature photo in ads.

Glimmer moving by photograher Kent Standerford




Kent really captures the essence and power of the dogs when coursing. This series features Stewart coming in to the bunny at the end of the course and how the dog’s determination to hang on is carried through the four photos.

series of action shots by photographer Kent Standerford















“Dazzle” Am/Can Ch Northwind’s All That Dazz, is featured in full flight.




“Keebler” Ch Northwind Elves In Trees demonstrates the amazing tuck up these dogs use to generate speed.


Sundance captured by Kent Standerford

 I just love this photo of Sundance (Northwind’s Film Festival) at barely three months.


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