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What is it about being a breeder that convinces me I can actually get photos of baby puppies? Most of the people interested in these litters are a long distance away and can’t visit, so I really want them to able to enjoy their progress and feel connected even when they can’t be here to see them in person. But, taking pictures of 19 puppies, cropping and enhancing the photos, loading and creating a webpage is really a process.

Leinie and Kay

Leinie showing enthusiasm for the photo shoot

Luckily, Irene Mullauer has been a willing photographer for many of my litters and has endless patience for the wiggling, squirming, or totally sleeping and limp puppies. Ever tried setting up a sleeping puppy?

First – where’s the cheat sheet for Dither’s puppies? As we work our way through them I’m checking them off. Next – the list for Keebler’s puppies. OK all photos are taken. Let’s look at them. Well, let’s redo a couple. OK done. Last night, I start creating the pages and realize we had taken a couple of puppies twice and missed two. Humm. I thought we could count. So get the grooming table out again and ask Mark if he can be the photographer.

Merlin scratching his ear


Once in a while you truly get an adorable photo. Here is Merlin scratching his ear.





At any rate, here are the links to the photo pages:

Dither and Norris puppies are four weeks old:


Keebler and Marco babies are three weeks old:


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