SLIP843 Navy Diamonds Traditional Slip Lead


Navy Diamonds on a metallic gold background are bracketed by red and black edges. Shown on red, it is also elegant on black. 

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The neck portion of the slip is seat belt webbing - smooth and supple. It is cut and trim is stitched on securely. Heavy duty hardware matches the trim - either silver or gold. The D rings are formed, which mean there are no welds to open and they are attached with triple stitching.

Three sizes make it easy to find just the right fit for your hound. I recommend the 11″ size for most Whippets and Basenjis, 13″ for most Salukis, Afghans, Ibizan, Greyhounds and Pharaohs and the 16″ size for most Ridgebacks, Wolfhounds and Borzoi

Machine washable - line dry.


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