Fleece and Upscale Coats Choices


Coats are available in medium and large, sized for whippets. Medium fits from 24 to 30 pounds and the large from 28 to 40 pounds.


Fleece coat prices are from $49 to $56.



Designer fabric coats are $68.

13 Responses to Fleece and Upscale Coats Choices

  1. Viki Schnacker says:

    Good Afternoon! I just had to tell you right away that i just received the Fleece coat i had ordered and It Fits AWSOME!! I just Love It on my Whippet Female Lizzy! Thank You so much for such a quick delivery and a wonderful product. I will try and get you a picture when i can. Thanks Again Viki

  2. Jaki Nordrum says:

    Do you make coats for Greyhounds

  3. Brenda Sikkema says:

    Can some of your shown fleece jackets advertised to go through the front legs be made to NOT go through the front legs?

    • Northwind says:

      I’m sorry, but the elastic straps that go up and over the back to hold the coat in place are anchored to the chest-piece that goes through the front legs.

  4. chris ralph says:

    I have a smooth saluki bitch, about 50 lbs.
    Do you think the LARGE CHEETA coat will fit her?

    • Northwind says:

      I think 50 pounds is a little outside of the large size – 40 pounds is about the limit.

      thanks for your interest!


  5. brigitte says:

    Hi, lovely pieces, I remember getting a few collars from you for my whippets but now I have a greyhound too (65lb rescued female from Florida races living in Canada with us now!) do your items fit these larger ‘ladies’? 😉

    • Northwind says:

      Hi there

      I’m sorry, but the medium and large are both whippet sized. A large would not be generous enough for a greyhound.

      thanks for your interest!


  6. Marcy Weingartz says:

    Kay the new jacket is amazing. We have 5 different sweaters and jackets we have bought for Pico and the one you sent us home with yesterday blows them all totally out of the water for fit and feel. Thanks!

  7. Beth Cote says:

    Hi Kay,
    I love the green camo Minky coat for my boy but it looks like the large is not available. Do you anticipate it being available soon? May I pre-order?
    Thanks, Beth

    • Northwind says:

      HI Beth

      I’m sorry, but I really don’t know when/if I’ll find that fabric again, so I can’t take a pre-order on it.


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