There are two choices for coats: cozy fleece inside and out or designer fabrics lined with PolartecTM for warmth.


Phoenix wearing fleece

Fleece coats in three styles








Fleece styles range from prints and patterns to solid colors. The solid colors are accented around the curves of the coat with intricate trims. Fleece coat prices are from $49 to $56.


Northwind coats

The designer fabric coats are constructed with wonderful materials. Soft, supple Pleather (washable leather), Suede, Minky fabric and Velboa. Minky fabric looks like fleece, but is heavier and the colors are sharper and more vibrant. Once you touch the luxurious feel of Minky, you’ll never go back to fleece.

Velboa is a short pile fabric, plush, but extremely tough. Soft and supple, it’s often used for stuffed toys.

Most are windproof and many are water resistant.

Designer fabric coats are lined with Polartec™. This fabric is a high quality, professional material used in cold climate winter wear for humans.

three upscale coats


All coats have a soft, cozy turtleneck and a chest piece that goes through the front legs. The chest piece is held in place by an adjustable elastic belt which clips over the back. They are lined with  a complementary solid color.

Available in medium and large, sized for whippets. Medium fits from 24 to 30 pounds and the large from 28 to 40 pounds.

 Designer fabric coats are $68.

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