Belly Bands for Male Dogs

 Proper fit of a belly band:

Belly band for male dogs


“Jagger” modeling a belly band. These are perfect for incontinent dogs, or male dogs that have a tendency to mark their territory while indoors. Handy when traveling; useful when staying in a dog friendly hotel where rooms may smell interesting. Easy on and off with a Velcro strip at the waist. There are two sizes: medium, for dogs from 13 to 17 inches at the waist – about 28 lbs to 34 pounds and large, for dogs from 16 to 19 inches at the waist, or roughly 32 to to 40 pounds. The bands are adjustable for a snug fit.

Patterns Available

Choices of belly bands

Click on Belly Band Choices to see the array of patterns available.

Belly bands are four inches wide in the center and taper towards the middle of the back. There are many choices from whimsical patterns, to quieter solid colors. An increasing  discount is offered for purchase of multiple bands. $16 for the first, $30 for two, $42 for three, and $52 for four. It’s great to have several on hand when some are in the wash.

Machine wash and dry – all fabric has been prewashed.

belly band construction

Belly Bands have three layers of fabric against the dog for absorbency. The final inner layer of diaper material creates a waterproof barrier to minimize leaks.