Clementine x William Newborns

GCH Pride of Forgetmenot

x Ch Northwind’s Dame Clementine

Pedigree (courtesy of Whippet Archives)

Clementine with her puppies


Puppies always get temporary names while they are here. The theme this time are English names. Mother is Dame Clementine and father is often referred to as Prince William, so this seems apt.

crown       crown     crown



crumpetface “Crumpet”

The thinking man’s crumpet is a humorous term for a person popular with the opposite sex because of their intelligence and physical attractiveness.




Beatrix Potter wrote the “Tales of Peter Rabbit” and was ahead of her time. She wrote children’s books, but was also a scientist and a natural conservationist. 

victoriaface “Victoria”

Queen Victoria was the longest reigning monarch of England. Her reign of 63 years was known at the Victorian era.

Victoria puppy


“Luna Lovegood”

She is a major character in the Harry Potter series. A little quirky, but fiercely brave and never afraid of being anything but herself.

whippet puppy


red-lion                       red-lion                         red-lion


 sherlockface “Sherlock”

Arguably the world’s most famous detective, combining showmanship and logic to solve crimes during the Victorian Era.




“Big Ben”

The giant bell that sounds the hour located in Clock Tower at the Palace of Westminster. The bell is seven feet tall, nine feet wide and weighs 13.5 tons. 



wimbleface “Wimbledon”

Is the most prestigious tennis championship in the world, beginning in 1887. It is the oldest of the grand slams and is played on grass courts.

 whippet puppy


Is the highly competent valet or butler. He presents the ideal image of the gentlemanly manservant, impeccably dressed and waiting to serve.





dickensfacd “Dickens”

Charles Dickens was both an English social critic and author of “A Christmas Carol”. 

“You little dickens” is a euphemism for calling someone a little devil. 






The white cliffs of Dover are an integral part of British history. The white, chalky cliffs became a symbol of hope and peace during World War II.