GCh Northwind Phoenix Rising De Sud


Bred by Northwind, Kathy Armato and A Meyer, owned by Northwind


She finished easily entirely from Bred By Exhibitor with four majors. Along the way she took a Bred By Exhibitor Best In Show at six months old. She then completed her Grand Championship with all majors. She is a high energy, blond tomboy, and keeps everyone busy on a daily basis.

Phoenix Group three in Duluth

A major win from Judge Pam Peat at nine months.


Phoenix Best BBE in show

Bred By Exhibitor Best In Show – Cambridge, MN Kennel Club 6-2012



These photos were taken at four and a half months.

Photo by Laurie Erickson


Photo by Laurie Erickson


Big Paw Prints – taken at six month old

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