First feeding of solid food. They MUST be Norris puppies

feeding 9 Dither pupsTo understand why this is funny, you have to know Norris and his incredibly avid appetite. If you’d like to read about Norris and the Chinese food delivery man, click here.

Dither’s puppies are now three weeks and it’s time to try them on solid food. Usually when I give tiny puppies their first exposure, I soak the food in goat’s milk so that each piece of kibble puffs up to a miniature pillow, soft and squishy and easy to offer. They generally are rather tentative – they don’t really know what this is all about so they sniff and look at the dish, but don’t really get the connection until a pillow is put gently in their mouth. They might take one or two at the first feeding, or lick at the excess milk, but they still prefer mama.


I didn’t break out the large puppy feeding pan – the one with the big bump in the middle so puppies fan out around it because it was the first feeding. My mistake. I just had a the plastic bowl from the microwave where I had warmed the food/milk mixture to slightly warmer than room temperature. It’s not a big bowl – I expected to be coaxing puppies by handing them individual pieces of kibble.

Feeding PepeI put the bowl down in with the puppies and it was like an animal falling into a pond of piranhas. It was covered in seconds and I had to push in among them to grab handfuls of food to offer the puppies that didn’t fit in the dish. Two minutes later, it was gone. Not quite as fast as piranhas, but darn close.

Notice the flecks of food on Pepe’s body?┬áThese are Norris puppies for sure.

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